Before moving to Athens, I was Staff Writer at Huck Magazine in London for three years. I contribute regularly to Huck and also write for Vice, Noisey, Dazed & Confused, VolteFace, If You Leave, Bikevibe Journal & more.

I am also a photographer, documentary producer, copywriter and am developing a multimedia project based on sound.

I am creative producer for Tight, a forthcoming feature documentary on the booming world of Indian bodybuilding.

I write in-depth feature journalism, focussed primarily on activism and creative subcultures around the world. I specialise in telling stories about communities outside the mainstream, collaborating with them to tell their stories as they would like them to be heard; whether that be multicultural teenage skaters in Brussels, subversive artists in Rwanda, self-organised refugee communities in Athens or death-defying bike crews in London.

I’m passionate about presenting counter-narratives, engaging new voices and sharing alternative perspectives on global events. If we want to create a better world, we need to start telling better stories. So keep reading.